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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> apologize or we cut all ties -- turkey hardens its line to israel over a failed raid on a flotilla. israel says it is easing some restrictions on gaza. the moss says the changes are worthless. -- hamas says the changes are worthless. a geologist is sentenced to eight years in prison for stealing state secrets. welcome to bbc world news, broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later for you, they have been knocked out of the tournament, but they still might be winners. how the world cup has changed perceptions of south africa. and the place where we live -- the european space agency reveals a startling new image of the universe.
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>> turkey's government is telling israel it will cut off all diplomatic ties unless it gets an official apology for the raid by israeli commandos on an aid ship trying to breach the blockade of gaza. nine turkish citizens died. turkey was once israel's strong this muslim allies. relations were already under strain, but if they reach a breaking point, it will raise concerns across the region and the globe. >> five weeks it seems is not enough to cool turkish angora. there are no more of the public displays of anti-israeli feelings displayed immediately after the convoy was rated, but the turkish government has not budged in its demands. the prime minister states that israel must either apologize or accept the results of an
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international inquiry or relations will be broken off. israel said its commandos were defending themselves when they opened fire on the activist. but on the eve of the prime minister's visit to washington, is now sounding more conciliatory than before. >> i assure everyone watching the the investigation going on at the moment is of the highest international standard and conforms with international legality and international norms. >> the u.s. wants these vital allies in the region to patch up their differences. american pressure is certainly being felt, but for turkey is hard line stance and it is winning fans and the middle east. >> israel definitely violated international law and violated the lives of those peaceful protestors who showed solidarity with the people of gaza. to break the siege that is called declared to be illegal -- >> turkey has a lot to lose from
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a complete break with israel. its armed forces would have to find new sources for much of the sophisticated equipment it uses against kurdish militants. but a biggest -- the biggest cost is playing the role of the regional power. a role that depends on it being able to talk to everyone. >> israel today has set out new rules governing the gaza blockade. the prime minister is about to start a visit to washington and president obama has long been urging israel to lift the blockade entirely. israel is not doing that, but its new list will specify the items not allowed in. restrictions have been lifted on food and consumer goods such as refrigerators and cookers. there are limits on construction materials like steel, cement, which israel says can be diverted by use for militants. a hamas spokesman called the policy worthless because exports
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will not be permitted and it's a difficult for palestinians to get permission to leave. we have this report from gaza city. >> is really trucks bringing goods into gaza. for over three years, these have been limited to a managerial aid. but israel says from now on, that should change -- limited to humanitarian aid. all commercial goods like food will be allowed in. until now, products have been smuggled in through tunnels from egypt. >> there were enough elements there -- the first was to publish a list of items not permitted into gaza. a list that is limited to weapons, war materiel and [unintelligible] saying that all other items not included in the list will be
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admitted into gaza. there was not much that was unexpected in an era -- in the announcement, but the timing is significant. it comes on the eve of the prime minister's visit to washington where president obama has been urging israel to lift its blockade of gossip. -- blockade of gaza. but israel is not doing that. construction materials will only be allowed in by organizations like the united nations. exports will not be permitted, making it hard for gaza cost of the state economy to pick up. last month's rate on the flotilla is where this all started. but the sea blockade will remain. israel says it is necessary for its security. warships could try to break it. most importantly, for many people in gaza of a blockade on people remains. it's extremely difficult for palestinians to get permission to leave gaza.
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eight groups have welcomed the decision by israel but the proof is in the implementation. most people in gaza report little change so far. >> the u.s. vice-president has urged iraqi politicians to form a coalition ended the deadlock that has left the country without a government. joe biden, visiting baghdad, stressed iraqis should not let washington nor anyone else dictate the path of their country's politics. it is now four months since the inconclusive election in iraq. iran has accused european gulf states of refusing to supply fuel for its airliners on flights overseas under new american sanctions. hazier aviation official says the action has greatly increased the cost of such flights. german officials deny any fuel ban and britain says it's not aware of any occasion when a fuel has been withheld. a strike over fuel price increases in india has disrupted
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normal life across much of the country. flights have been grounded, roads blocked, and trains halted. many schools and businesses were closed. the indian government strapped that -- scrapped subsidies to deal with budget deficits. the courts in beijing has sentenced an american geologist born in china to eight years in prison. he was convicted of stealing state secrets. he was detained in 2007 after negotiating a sale of publicly available oil industry data base to his american employers. >> for two and a half years, a chinese american geologist has languished in custody in china, he says he has been tortured, burned with cigarettes and hit on the head by interrogators. on monday, his lawyer and his sister a ride to your the long- laid verdict in his case. his crime was to help the u.s. energy consultancy try to buy a database of information on
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china plus oil interests. but china's secrecy laws, that was enough to see him convicted of intelligence and dealing in state secrets. the punishment was almost a maximum -- he will serve eight years in jail. the u.s. ambassador was there to hear it. after, the u.s. embassy says it was dismayed and concerned for his well-being. his lawyer said he was also shocked by a outcome. >> this is as bad as i thought it could be. it's the worst outcome possible. i think he will want to appeal. >> his sister was allowed in court. the geologist wanted his case made public in the u.s. authorities and wife thought it was better to lobby china behind-the-scenes. they failed. >> i was afraid he would lose his temper in court, but he said that time has passed and he is beyond the in angry so i should not worry. -- he is beyond feeling angry.
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>> the families of three chinese nationals were also sentenced to between two and six years for their sentence as well. the punishment for dealing in information for chinese state firms will probably make other foreigners working in china tread warily in deed. >> to french government ministers have resigned in a row over the use of taxpayers' money. it has been reported that a private jet was ordered to fly to the caribbean when he could have taken a regular scheduled flight. another minister spent thousands of euros of his ministry's budget on cigars. kenya's prime minister is strongly criticizing the country's members of parliament for voting themselves a huge pay increase. he said it is unfair and sends the wrong signal to voters. if the rise go through, the politicians would be the best paid in the world. nigeria has reversed a
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controversial ban on the national football team playing against other countries' trade president could let jonathan announce the plan a summit for performance on the world cup, but he changed his mind when the governing body threatened to suspend nigeria f -- upon rules of political interference. the brazilian football coach has been sacked falling his country's defeat to the dutch in the world cup. the brazilian football federation says the new coach will be installed by the end of the month. as the cup reaches its final stages, it's becoming clear what people think about the success of the tournament. before it started, could -- security was a big concern, with the venues be ready? some doubt the wisdom of using south africa at all. our correspondent has this report from johannesburg. >> johannesburg -- a scary city.
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notorious for crime. but as the world cup given that image makeover? after all, this is also johannesburg. the eyes of the world on it, this city is seizing the chance to change its reputation and while foreign visitors. >> you expect a rundown city, once i came year, founded just like any other city, europe, london but whatever. i guess opened the eyes of the world. >> it has been a slick performance. the city's upgraded in the structure is paying off. there is no doubt the world cup is helping to break ground johannesburg. this area in the city center used to be a buggers paradise. now parts that almost feel like london. the question is, can the city maintained that the positive momentum. >> this is a huge danger.
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if we did not leverage it, we will lose it without a doubt. >> there is certainly a new confidence here, even in neglected areas. a township performing for foreign tourists. >> do you think the world cup will bring more of the sitters and business? >> i believe so. yes. i think the world cup has put south africa on the map. >> and not just the pretty parts. the tourists are taken to a rough slum area. >> it's fantastic. >> would you come back? >> yes. >> it has brought money into the country. the more money in the country, the more they can do. when you look around here, there is an awful lot to do. it is not going to be easy. >> not easy at all, but these past few weeks have shown the
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world a softer side to a tough city. >> stay with us if you can. still to come, 10 years after surviving a shipwreck and prepared -- bitter custody battle, he says he's glad to be in cuba. first, the people of poland have shoes in their new head of state. he replaces the prime minister who died in a plane crash. from the polish capital, we have this report. >> the news that the polish governing party had been waiting for -- their man had won the presidency. the election was sparked by the death of the president in an air crash in april that also killed much of the country's political and military elite. the president's twin brother ran
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a strong campaign, benefiting from a surge of sympathy. the victory went to the speaker of the lower house of parliament. >> this was an unusually difficult campaign because it took place in the shadow of catastrophe the shadow of the trauma of the floods. it is proved that a polish state, even in the most difficult moments, passes the test. >> support for the pro-european union, pre-market party is strongest in the cities. in warsaw, residents seem happy with the results. >> i'm very happy. i do not expect any dramatic changes, but the policies will continue and intensify because there will be no more excuses of the president is against the government. >> but a controversy prime
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minister and his party, law and justice, have been significantly strengthened by the results. >> the wind could have been more convincing, but it is enough. the same party -- a presidency and parliament. the way is clear for poland to reform its economy and push for closer integration with the european union. >> the latest headlines this hour -- an ultimatum for israel. turkey threatens to cut diplomatic ties over the fatal raid on a flotilla trying to reach the gaza blockade. israel says it is allowing more consumer goods to reach residents of the gaza strip. in sri lanka, the past few weeks have seen seven people murdered in particular violent ways. all were on the streets, either
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beggars or making a living as hawkers. i'm not sure why you're seeing those pictures -- it is a grisly mystery and the police have not been able to solve it. we had this report. >> an ordinary suburb was the latest scene of horror this week. the one who sold lottery tickets was the victim. another mystery for police. the most brutal of weapons, a rock, found at the scene. many of these pictures are too distressing to show. one distraught mother simply said he did not have enemies. >> one of the first of these gruesome killings took place here, a poor area in the inner city. the changes been the night and was crushed to death. another killing took place close by.
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around the city, between seven or 10 pour or homeless people have been killed and their earnings -- there possessions taken. this area has a community of such people need to care for each other. they are already insecure, afraid of being moved away by police as a baking is illegal. now, they feel worse. >> some of us lived in fear. those who don't have houses are scared because we sleep on the pavement. i'm going home soon to avoid it. >> the police say they have already caught one culprit, but the murders have continued in some believe there's a serial killer. some people think the crime is related to organized paramilitary or gangs. >> kind of brutality cannot come from a fellow better. this kind of brutality cannot come from somebody wanted to
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rob. it is beyond their capacity. >> the police have a mystery to deal with and street falling people have a new reason to live in fear. >> on tuesday, france will start a debate on whether it and belgium should ban the islamic veil in places in public. but in marseille, it is the construction of a new mosque that is stirring emotions. >> for 150 years, the basilica of the dam has dominated the skyline, a reassuring sight for the fisherman at the old port. but soon, the north side will be dominated by a new and very different religious symbol. it has been dubbed the cathedral mosque. it will cost some $60 million to
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build. architects say it's inspired by the tush mahal. minarets will rise 80 feet into the air and with a prayer room and get to hold over 7000 people, it will be the biggest in france. it's a project, say local councilors, that is long overdue. >> it is better to have a form of islam that is out in the open than and islam forced to pray in the cellars. >> but they will build it here, on the outer edges of the city, on the grounds of a derelict abattoir, a pig abattoir at that. to some, the location speaks volumes. yet those spearheading the project say it is the perfect site. >> the heart is coming into this area. we need this site because it is a project, a very big project. >> regardless of its position, this is the realization of a dream muslims have held in this
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city since 1936. four other frenchmen, it's a cause for alarm treehouse the mosque will be a lasting, highly visible presence of islam within the city, a threat to national identity. it echoes the same debate surrounding the wearing of the burqua. to them, the mosque and the veil are religious symbols in a secular state. >> i would ask muslims follow their religion discreetly. they're in a country with christian traditions going back centuries. they should respect that as christians should in a muslim country. >> but that is what they have done for years. praying of sites in converted basements like this one. out of 60 places of worship in marseille, only four can truly be considered mosques. >> it is a bit late.
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>> better late than never? >> yes. >> for these muslims, the new mosque is recognition of their assimilation. but in other quarters, it will spawn further resentment. it defines the changing identity of the city and becomes part of a much bigger national debate. >> your member elian gonzales -- he became an unwilling celebrity with his book from a shipwreck off the coast of florida in 1999. that was the start of an acrimonious custody battle. in the 10 years since he returned to cuba from the united states, he says he's glad he came home. >> elian . ellis was 5 years old when he was rescued from the straits of florida. the other ground attempting to flee cuba for the united states. the boy was taken in by relatives living in miami,
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spiking a -- sparking a high profile custody value -- high- profile custody battle. >> there are no human rights in cuba. what are you doing? >> in the end, armed federal agents were needed to enforce the supreme court ruling that he should be returned to his father remained in cuba. back home, he was given a hero's welcome with president fidel castro leading the celebration. since then, he has been kept out of the limelight. now at 16, he has reemerged and says he's glad he came back and holds no grudge against his relatives in miami. >> even though they did not help me in every way possible, they're still my family. i'm not angry, they just did not do their best for me. thanks to a large section of the
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american public and the cuban public, i am with my father today and i'm happy here. >> for the whole world to see my son today on the right path and with good grades in school is prove what we did was worth it. cuba's current leader joined him for a church service to mark the 10th anniversary of his return. according to the cuban press, is clean-cut teenager enjoys music, is a party door, but not a good dancer. he's a paid-up member of the communist party and is training to become an army officer. >> an extraordinary new image of the universe has been unveiled. it was pieced together from photographs taken by space telescope based on light which cannot be seen by the naked eye. >> if a picture can paint a
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thousand words, this one has painted the universe. this marvelous and serene piece was painted by the plank telescope, its instruments just above absolute zero, scouring the sky scanning and exact and exotic detail of our universe. >> the telescope is sweeping a ring around the sky. as the satellite itself goes around its orbit around the sun, this green is sweeping different parts of the sky. this is the way it essentially makes the picture, a map of the whole sky. >> with a detailed map as created. you can see the eclectic formation of galaxies and a stream of radiation left over after the big bang stretching the whole universe. the satellite, launched by the european space agency on a massive rocket just over one year ago, as the past few months
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producing these images. scientists are hopeful of answers to big questions. >> the ultimate goal is to find where we came from. why is the universe here? why is it the way it is? where did structure form? what are the galaxies out there rather than matter being distributed in a thin, uniform goo everywhere? but the satellite is in the process of producing more detailed images and will hopefully help to map a better understanding of where the universe and ultimately the human race came from. >> much more and that on all of the international news at bbc you can also watch on facebook. thanks for being with us. come again.
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